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2020, the birth year of this site, brought with it a lot of cause for introspection. As I happily sat in my cocoon and beaded and wove and grommeted and glued and dangled and threaded, some stark inequalities were thrust into the limelight in the world around me - and not for the first time. 

As I put this jewelry out to the world and bring my own baby in to the world, I want to contribute to the work towards racial equity and social justice. For my first two years, a portion of proceeds from all sales went to Black Mamas ATX. Over time your purchases helped me donate almost $1000 to them! Check them out to see the work they are doing in Central Texas to help black women survive and thrive before, during, and after childbirth. I moved away from the local arena when the war in Ukraine started, and we were able to donate $250 to their cause. Most recently, your purchases helped me donate $500 to another local group, Working Group 512, who provides support and much needed supplies for black mamas in central Texas. 

Also, it's important to note that bead looming and bead crafting is NOT a craft traditional to my own roots. While I make every effort to avoid Native American/Indigenous bead patterns and to create my own style, some of the beading techniques I use still have roots in Native American/Indigenous and African history. You can read more about that history here, here, and here, as well as many other sources. There are also countless talented Native American/Indigenous and African-based bead artists to follow on social media who are keeping their own traditions alive through their art.

If you follow me on instagram @beadsnbracelips, you can see many such artists I follow there!